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So ... It looks like we are gonna be stuck there for a while .. or not ... so better to adapt to our new routine, especially if you are super bored and do not suffer from coronavirus. Here are the essentials we definitely need :
  •  a washing hand emoji - since I'm washing my  hands 100 times a day, that's my new smiley and it would save me some precious time when texting
  • a mask from Dior or Vuitton, since no one knows if you need one or not, very unclear, very upsetting, at least if you can have the new It - Mask  of the flu season spring summer 2020, it would feels nice and reassuring (like any It-Bag) 
  • full clarity on annual leave/ sick leave/ statutory sick leave/ special corona sick leave pay ... coz I need to buy some life essentials goods here ( yeah the designer mask, right) and it seems my finances are kind of gone.... this is not just because of the financial crash, but most mostly I’m spending trillions in home deliveries fees. Trump is not the only one making massive cheques here with Ts here.
  • parcels : it’s THE the highlight of your self isolation / lock-down day ! The outsiders are getting in touch with you ! Houston, do you copy ?  It’s not just about new stuffs to disrupt the boredom, ( yeah pickles, beers and slippers - yesterday was better, we got the complete Peppa pig dvd collection), parcel also means getting mad on hand washing, bacteria killers ... I mean who wants Peppa to contaminate your no bacteria zone? I hope I won’t look like trump or Kim Jong -Un with my antibacterial wipes wall awaiting anyone who would dare to cross my  doorstep ( I’m a friendly woman’s obviously)
  • it’s not like you want to spy on your neighbors, but it sounds like you can hear most of their lives trough the walls. Same floor neighbors were arguing about toilet paper 🧻 ( Hot topic and high valuables these days, I feel somehow they will be soon publicly traded in NY and City stock markets : are you trading toilet rolls today ? Nope, I’m on a kitchen paper and derivatives trade right now in Tokyo markets ..) I’m not so sure all these sounds could help me to write a bestseller, but you have to live with it and pretend you don’t know all of that if ever you bump into your neighbor with two bags full of toilet paper ( gosh, they are stock piling ! Or .. is this for the black market ?)
  • get clarification on the basic line we kept hearing over the last 2 months : corona is like the flu. By flu you mean seasonal flu or Spanish flu ? Devil is maybe in the details but my life and my loved ones are angels in the headlines!
  • more importantly, plastic option :  coz Greta and my kids will kill me if they know I am  reintroducing  plastic in the household how am I supposed to cope with this virus without plastic bags, gloves, masks  etc ? 😳