Weather : super sunny and warm  outside, could not be more ideal for confinement as we know sun can damage skin ( my sink skin carnation is reaching perfection)
mood: still great after 4 virtual quarantini cocktails 🍸 and 2 real chocolates packs every evening
Love life: never texted each other that much since we are 24/7 in the same place- who thought confinement could bring us closer?
Weight  : what’s the point  at this stage? It’s not like we are going to the beach in bikini anytime soon...
Talking about bikini and clothes, I wonder if going to groceries in bikini these days would  not be easier... I mean, the whole grocery expedition is quite an adventure in itself, getting ready with mask 😷 or scarf, whatever you can find, gloves to be safe and then ready to go. 
- are you going to ski mum ?
- nope, I’m on way out to get you chocolate  toasts and cereals ( and whisky if I can find some ..) 
One last check to make sure I’ve my contactless ski pass, sorry credit credit card, with me and off we go !
Outside is weird. No one is out there. If you see some human shape at the other end of the street, they switch sides and cross the road immediately ! Guys !! these are not even 2 meters, this is 500m of social distancing. And I’m not smelly or sick, I’m a brave snowflake running to the grocery store and wearing Chanel N•5
Anyway, I’m finally reaching my small shop and queue outside behind 2 others skiers in disguise. We are waiting for 1 client to get out of the shop. It almost feels like we getting into Fukushima nuclear plant. People in the queue are checking at each other’s if everyone have gloves / masks / sanitizer gel ready to grab ... so much pressure, would love to text a friend but the social pressure, even distant, is too strong, plus the gloves etc makes it too hard, my social tirade that was supposed to be very elaborated and potentially politically incorrect shortly became :  “😷👀👻🤬”. Immediate reply “🤪 I’m shopping right now too but without gloves 😱 » Great minds. so alike, except this time I thought about wearing gloves. Crap , need to wash my hands and phone now that I texted before wearing my gloves again. 

Queuing outside is taking so long. I had time to spot one pigeon flying from rooftop to another one, back and forth. I have memorised my shopping list by heart, lost energy in sending any other texts. 

One shopper is finally leaving the shop with no mask or gloves or even a coat. Jeez, a daredevil or a Chernobyl survivor, no idea... We are staring at him like he's the most unconscious person on earth. The Top Gear of the Waitrose, the Tesco’s Tarzan, the Lord of Sainsbury, the Asda’s Ninja or the..
Great this is my turn to get in !
Inside the shop, it feels like Tetris, you can move only once the client ahead is done with the shelves and move on to the next one. Wait, am I standing 2 meters away from this young lady or 1.50 m? Next time I should take a meter with me..
Great everyone is moving to the cashier, I fly like a  squirrel from one shelf to another shelf, all alone, filling in my basket with many things except toasts. I hesitate in front the toilet paper roll stand ( shall I ? ) 3 customers are staring at me instantly. Thank god there is social distance to protect me! People, I really need to buy some. Have you ever live in self isolation with a potty training toddler ??!! Nope? So back off and leave me alone with my toilet rolls. Grrr, mama tiger is not fighting for meat but for toilet rolls, never seen that one coming! 
I reach the cashier like Mount Everest. No small talk today, this is so sad. No one to make compliment on mask wearing or carrying bag or spray technique. The guy behind his window to protect him / and me / and everyone / is asking if I need another bag and I understand if I need a receipt. Typical shop miscommunication due to Covid 19.
On my way back home, still crossing roads as soon as a human presence alight 1000 m ahead (since everyone is doing that, let’s follow the guidelines), I can hear birds singing and seagulls flying. Amazing ! It is 5 pm, when generally there is an ongoing noise contest between buses, delivering vans, Heathrow aircraft en route and angry bikes. I’m definitely not missing it.
Arriving at home feels like coming back on earth after 3 months in space. And m being sprayed, my items are being collected for decontamination. I’m kind of half naked on my doorstep with kids ecstatic  with their cereals refills and I still have my masks and gloves and hat. If a neighbor arrives, i really don’t want know what he would think. Anyway, groceries for today are done.
Somehow I have this proud feeling of accomplishing my family duty or this victory feeling after a black ski slope or landing back from the moon or ... 
Ok, I’m getting definitely nuts. This confinement needs to end. SOON